Profile: James O'Connor

Profile: James O'Connor


How long have you been Teaching with the club?

I’ve been teaching with the club for 20yrs on and off, I had a break whilst my son was young until he then started lessons.

What’s your favourite thing about Teaching?

I enjoy seeing people progress and be confident in the water.

Why did you start Teaching?

I started teaching as a poolside helper at 16 and enjoyed it, then went on to qualify as a teacher, I swam with the club from the age of 4. 

What’s your sporting background?

I swam from age 4 and then competitively from age 9 until I was 20. Outside of swimming I now kickbox and compete in that. I’m also a level 3 personal trainer. I also enjoy dinghy sailing and climbing in my spare time.

What’s your favourite stroke to teach and why?

I like teaching all the strokes though enjoy butterfly, teaching learn to swim though I enjoy people learning the basics that will enable them to be safe in the water. 

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