Profile: Chris French

Profile: Chris French


How long have you been coaching with the club? 

6 years but first joined Vulcans as a swimmer in 1978

What’s your favourite thing about coaching? 

For learn to swim kids when the penny drops and progress becomes exponential. It all comes together pretty quickly, seemingly from nowhere and all the hard work prior to that becomes worthwhile for everyone - swimmers,parents and coaches

Why did you start coaching? 

Had arm twisted by Cheryl! Swimming and Vulcans were very good for me as a kid so its a privilege to be able to give something back

What’s your sporting background? 

Swam with Vulcans from 5-18 before going off to Uni. Re-joined as a Master when moved back to Lincoln in 2007. Other than that, football, cricket, running etc before body starting packing up and back to swimming. Nothing quite clears the head on a Saturday morning like a dip in the lake! Swimming is such a great base for other sports in terms of strength, stamina,  discipline and confidence. Always recommend it to anyone who asks what their kids should take up.

What’s your favourite stroke? 

Backstroke - don't need to hold my breath as much!

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