Our New Club Partnerships

20 Apr, 2021

Our New Club Partnerships

20 Apr, 2021

Lincoln Vulcans' are proud to welcome Branston Ltd and M I Johnson Ltd as the club's latest partners. We're thrilled to have the support of two local firms during this difficult time for the sport and look forward to working with them closely as the club starts to jump back into the pool. 

You can find out more about both of our new partners below...

Branston Ltd


Branston was formed as a co-operative by farmers local to the village back in 1968. Not to be confused with the pickle and beans brand, Branston Ltd is now one of the largest buyers and packers of potatoes in the UK. And these days the business isn’t just about fresh potatoes. In our award-winning Prepared foods factory we also create potato products for retail and food manufacture that are prepped and ready to cook. It’s all part of our approach to utilising the whole of the crop and making a positive difference to how we feed the planet.

Our commitment to sustainable business isn’t just about a one-off project. Every day, in all our processes, we focus on ‘lean’ production techniques and utilising all our resources as efficiently as possible – energy and water as well as potatoes. We’ve invested in anaerobic digestion so that we can generate electricity by utilising potatoes that aren’t fit to eat and we’ve installed solar PV cells on our factory roofs. We’re also continuing to develop our extensive water recycling and water treatment facilities based on the specific needs at each of our three sites. 

Wherever we are we work hard to be good neighbours, minimising our environmental impacts and giving back to our local communities through our comprehensive CSR policy and an emphasis on ‘think global, act local.”

Each site chooses a Charity of the Year to help focus our teams’ fundraising efforts. We also support many other worthy causes with corporate donations and sponsorships, as well as providing regular potatoes to help foodbanks and community initiatives and supplying skilled people to work on local volunteering projects. 

We’re particularly passionate about helping people to be fit and healthy so supporting local sports clubs and encouraging physical and mental wellbeing are very much part of our ethos. We’re delighted to be able to provide sponsorship for Lincoln Vulcans Swimming Club this year. Like us, they’ve grown from humble Lincolnshire roots, and their longstanding dedication to promoting swimming for kids and adults alike is a great asset to the county.  

M I Johnson Ltd

m i johnson

Lincoln Vulcans is pleased to announce sponsorship with M I Johnson Ltd for the coming year.  Established over 19 years ago in North Scarle, Lincoln, they have built up a strong reputation within the local Farming community.  Specialising in the production of Free-Range Chicken, they have developed their brand which is welcomed in local business and supermarket chains.  They also apply their extensive knowledge and experience across a range of farming work in support of the farming community  that Lincolnshire is so immensely proud of.  

Having been involved with LVSC for some years, Hannah and Mark were very keen to support the club which recently re-commenced indoor pool training across their squads.  Swimming has been part of their life for many years, and they recognise the huge benefits the sport provides in development of youngsters through to adulthood.  We are extremely grateful for their support and look forward to the partnership in the coming months. 

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