Profile: Maria Wass

Profile: Maria Wass


How long have you been Teaching with the club?

I have been teaching with the club for about 13 years.

What’s your favourite thing about Teaching?

My favourite thing about teaching is that as I teach with the very youngest of our swimmers, and seeing their confidence in the water develop with each session.  

Why did you start Teaching?

I started to teach whilst watching my own children at the learn to swim sessions as  the club were looking for volunteers.  

What’s your sporting background?

I swam with the Vulcans from the age of 10 through to about 15, swimming is still very much my favourite sport of choice.

What’s your favourite stroke to teach and why?

Teaching with the youngest learn to swim swimmers, my favourite skill to teach is floating.  I love to see the children relax and smile in the water when they have learnt to float and it is an important safety skill.

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