Profile: Lee Gifford

Profile: Lee Gifford

Assistant Coach

How long have you been coaching with the club?

I have been an assistant coach with Lincoln Vulcans for about two years and an assistant coach with another club for three years

What’s your favourite thing about coaching?

There are a few things that I enjoy about coaching such as sharing the success at race meets, seeing the swimmers overcome personal swimming barriers, help motivating the kids through training sessions and pre-pool but most of all for me is being there for the swimmers when things do not go to plan and help place perspective for them to never give up.

Why did you start coaching?

I started coaching after spending tireless mornings and nights watching my daughter swim up and down the pool. A lead squad coach James McIntyre came up to the stands and asked if I fancied coming down to poolside and giving him a hand. It was really scary at first but after a few sessions I really started to enjoy helping the coaches and got to see a different perspective to the sessions I used to sit and watch. 

What’s your sporting background?

In my teenage years I played to a decent level of football with ‘Nottingham Forest Junior Reds’ and Saturday/Sunday Teams.

I  have been an assistant coach for Horncastle Town FC for about 2 years

I am a Senior graded Purple Belt in Kickboxing

As a none swimmer other than ‘fun sessions’ in the local pool I did not think that I would enjoy swimming so much but I was wrong. Having two children who enjoy the sport so much I gradually became ‘hooked’. 

What’s your favourite stroke?

If I had to pick a stroke I would say this would be breast-stroke

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