Profile: James Parsons

Profile: James Parsons

Assistant Coach

How long have you been coaching with the club?

I have been coaching since 2018.

What's your favourite thing about coaching?

Being able to see how I can help a swimmer to either achieve a goal or help them to improve. I find coaching very rewarding.

Why did you start coaching?

Ultimately through my daughter learning to swim by me and then joining a swimming club. This re-ignited my love for swimming. Unfortunately I couldn’t just sit and watch and felt I had more to offer so started by just helping with lane ropes and then progressed. I took my coaching qualifications 2years ago now and not looked back.

What's your sporting background?

I used to swim competitively for a local Lincoln club during my early teens and then moved into cycling with the Lincoln Wheelers when 13. Specialised in time trials of up to 50 miles and represented Lincolnshire and still hold a few club records. Now I cycle regularly for fitness and still have competitive streak and wish to return to racing at some stage.

What's your favourite stroke?

Backstroke. Although I’m sure my technique needs work these days.

What's your favourite drill?

Head-up front crawl, always a tricky one that swimmers love… Swimmers can watch their hand entry and feel the benefit when returning to full stroke.

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