Profile: Gemma Lamb

Profile: Gemma Lamb

Youth Coach

How long have you been coaching with the club?

I started coaching around 3 years ago 

What’s your favourite thing about coaching?

My favourite thing about coaching, is having a good rapport with the swimmers.

Why did you start coaching?

I started coaching because both my daughters swim competitively, so rather than sitting watching I thought I’d help out. 

I started as a poolside helper later gaining my qualifications as a swim teacher then as a coach. 

What’s your sporting background?

I don’t really have a sporting background, although I was on all the sports teams at school. I do enjoy walking and badminton. 

What’s your favourite stroke?


What’s your favourite Drill?

I know it’s a strange one but Sculling, getting a feel for the water is so important. 

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