Profile: Jo Dixon

Profile: Jo Dixon

Level 2 Teacher

How long have you been coaching with the club?

 I have been coaching for nearly 7 years. 

What’s your favourite thing about coaching?

My favourite thing about it is seeing the progression of the swimmers. As my daughter moved through the squads, so did I, so I have been able to coach some of the swimmers continuously on their journey, and see them grow as swimmers and as young people.

Why did you start coaching?

I was asked to help out at a session because two of my daughters were swimming. I found I enjoyed it and was given the opportunity to do a coaching course. This has led to my career change of becoming a qualified swimming teacher working for a former Vulcan's swim school. 

What’s your sporting background?

I don't have a competitive sporting background, but I enjoy cycling, jogging and yoga.

What’s your favourite stroke?

I like coaching backstroke best. I like how I can give feedback whilst they are swimming. 

What’s your favourite Drill?

6 kick switch is my go-to drill to get the correct body rotation and strong pull.

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