Performance Squads

Performance Squads

Lead Coach: Adam McIntyre

Approx Age: 14+

Description: The National Squad is for the top performance swimmers in the club. It is made up of swimmers with great attitudes and commitment levels, with the aim of qualifying for multiple events and finals at Regionals and then going on to compete at a National level and beyond.

Lead Coach: Adam McIntyre

Approx Age: 13+

Description: Regional Youth is for swimmers who are either at a regional level or who have the potential to be within the next 12-18 months. They should also qualify for multiple strokes and distances at County level. Swimmers should consistently show great attitude and commitment levels with a determination to succeed.

Lead Coach: Adam McIntyre, Lorraine Flannery

Approx Age: 11-14yrs

Description: Regional Age Group is the highest age group squad in the club and helps prepare swimmers for the next level. Swimmers should either be at a regional level or have the potential to be within the next 12-18 months. There will be a heavy focus on great technique and building an excellent aerobic fitness base.

Lead Coach: Adam McIntyre, Gemma Lamb

Approx Age: 13-18yrs

Description: There are 2 parts to this Squad, each allows some flexibility and room for other sports, but with the potential to swim alongside other squads and progress if the swimmers have the desire and ability. Swimmers should be aiming to qualify for county championships in multiple events and should display good work rates and commitment levels.

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