Development Squads

Development Squads

Lead Coach: Gemma Lamb, Lorraine Flannery

Approx Age: 10-13yrs

Description: This squad is the highest on the development section of the pathway. Swimmers will continue to progress their skills on starts, turns and strokes and begin to build up their aerobic fitness base. They should be either at county level or likely to achieve county times within the next 12-18 months.

Lead Coach: Nigel Oldham

Approx Age: 9-12yrs

Description: This squad is split into 2 halves: CD1 & CD2. The main difference is that CD1 have an extra session alongside County Age Group to ensure a smooth transition when a swimmer is ready to move up. Swimmers are continuing to learn and develop their competitive skills and will begin to complete longer sessions, both in terms of distance and time. They will also begin to compete more often.

Lead Coach: Jason Cole, Neil Sturge

Approx Age: 7-16yrs

Description: This squad is for swimmers who are secondary school age, who are either later starters, fitness swimmers or those not looking to compete at the moment. Progression pathways do exist should the swimmer reach the ability and choose to commit to the more competitive squads. Training time is split between technical sessions, fitness sessions and speed sessions to ensure a variety of training and well-rounded swimmers.

Lead Coach: Ian Bromley, Nicki Walsh

Approx Age: 8yrs-Year 6

Description: There are two groups in this squad. The broad aim of both are, as the name suggests; Skill Development (SD). It is also important that the swimmers have fun and enjoy their swimming. In SD2 we initially concentrate on stroke efficiency and techniques. We move on to working on starts, turns and finishes being performed correctly in terms of competition rules. In SD1 we build on the above and on fitness levels to get the swimmers ready for the next step. Regular attendance is essential to enable the swimmers to progress in a timely manner.

Lead Coach: Ollie Greenwood, Mark Rowley

Approx Age: 8-10yrs

Description: The final step before a swimmer is offered a move into training squads with more sessions and begins to compete. A heavy technical focus ensures swimmers have a high skill level before they embark upon their competitive swimming journey.

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